Bouoli is a brand created by JCFJ ltd. We are a family run business and have for many years believed that Coconut Oil should only be of the highest quality and produced ethically, so that consumers can reap the benefits that nature has provided for them.

We started Bouoli Virgin Coconut Oil with the primary objective of being able to procure only the best certified Quality oil that we could find and deliver it to our customers at affordable prices.

We generated our brand with the consumer in mind and hoped to bring a little security and trust into buying organic and ethically produced premium quality coconut oil and products.

At Bouoli Virgin Coconut Oil, we firmly believe in bringing quality products to the consumer, if you are looking to make the most of nature’s blessings, our product packs nature at its best.

We don’t claim our oils to be anything other than what they are, Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. There is no such thing as Extra virgin coconut oil! So we don’t label our products as such.

We believe in complete transparency and visit the farms and factories where our product comes from, it was a pleasure meeting the workers and farmers giving us great peace of mind and confidence in supplying a quality, ethical product.

Bouoli certified organic Virgin Coconut oil is produced in Sri Lanka and grown in what is known as the coconut triangle which is the heart of coconut growth on the beautiful island of Sri Lanka.

Our farmers don’t use any pesticides or herbicides or grow any genetically modified plants so when we say natural we mean a 100% natural from growth to the store shelves.

By using only the freshest hand picked coconuts and cold pressing them, we ensure that we retain as much of the rich natural goodness this amazing fruit has to offer.

You can count on our product, with no second thoughts because Bouoli Coconut Oil is 100% pure, unrefined, organic and entirely natural, it is also ideal for your skin, your hair and of course tastes fantastic!!

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