Effective Coconut Oil For Weight Loss Treatment
Weight loss is already difficult without the diet restrictions added in.
Having to eat bland food isn’t fun either. But while you’ll need to cut out
trans fats—saturated fats that can clog up your arteries—you don’t need
to cut out all fats. Coconut oil for weight loss has been proven to be an
effective weight loss treatment. Best of all, you can substitute coconut oil
in your cooking instead of using butter, margarine, lard or other types of

In order to feel full we need to eat fibre and protein with each meal. For
example, we may choose shrimp in a salad, or a tofu stir fry with veggies.
But our bodies also need fat to function properly. Whilst you could try a
crash diet for a week or so, after that time its likely we will fall off the wagon
and go back to junk food.
When you diet and are consuming fewer calories you’re wreacking havoc
with your pancreas that doesn’t know what to do. At one point it has all this
sugar to process (all food is converted to sugars in your body) and now
it has less.

This is one of the reasons why you start craving carbs during a diet. The
cookies and cake may look good, but more nutritious foods will work too.
Coconut oil is known to help to regulate your blood sugar levels.
Best of all, it tastes great too!

While coconut oil was called the bad boy in the past as it contains
saturated fat, this is actually a healthy fatty acid that helps to regulate the
body’s metabolism.

What is saturated fat? or medium chain triglycerides(MCT’s)?

Countries that utilize the coconut oil diet, such as the
Pacific Islands and the Philippines, actually have lower incidences of heart
disease than the western world with its supposedly healthier lifestyle.
That’s because coconut oil is used for cooking instead of other types of
fats and oils.

While you can begin a coconut oil diet, you don’t necessarily want to eat every meal with it, so perhaps the best way to take it is as a supplement. It’s recommended that you take it before each meal as it helps to suppress your appetite.
There are many ways to consume coconut oil, try adding to your herbal tea or to a green smoothie in the morning.
Dosages can vary depending on your current weight. An adult weighing
over 130 pounds can take one tablespoon; up to 180 pounds 1.5
tablespoons, and over 180 pounds two tablespoons.

Take it up to three times a day, and adjust the amounts if you find it’s too difficult to take all at

You may see many different types of coconut oil at the supermarket but
certified virgin coconut oil such as Bouoli is by far the best quality.

It’s easy to see that Bouoli virgin coconut oil contains many beneficial
nutrients for weight loss and used as part of your dietary program can substantially aid in your weight loss.

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